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An act of sportsmanship is bigger than the game

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(NBC) - Mitchell Marcus has been a manager for Coronado basketball for three years.

Now a senior, the special needs student does everything he can to help the team he loves succeed.

Head Coach Peter Morales decided he would pay back Mitchell for his part in helping the T-Birds to a #1 ranking in the city.

A chance to dress out on Senior Night against heated rival Franklin.

But then coach called on number 24 four to sub in. What happened next was just short of amazing.

Peter Morales, Coronado Head Coach, "we were up at the end and I saw Mitch out the corner of my eye and said we need to put this kid in. We put him in, off the bench, and I just hear the crowd saying, 'Mitchell... Mitchell...'"

With just seconds left in the game, Franklin Senior Jonathon Montanez passes to Mitchell allowing him to sink the last shot of the game.

A moment of sportsmanship. a simple act that became bigger than a rivalry, bigger than a game, a defining moment in the life of Mitchell Marcus.

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