CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A Los Angeles film company is looking for a local home to use as the setting for an upcoming horror movie.

According to Lisa Wheelous, location scout, the producers are looking for a large B&B or house to shoot the movie over a month-long period. Wheelous does caution, "This is a horror film. There will be blood."

The filmmakers will provide insurance for cleanup after the shoot.

The crew would like to shoot the film before the beginning of summer so the location needs to be available in April or May.

Wheelous is not saying which stars will be coming to the area but does say it has "named actors." The plot is also a secret but the film is being described as "The Shining" meets "The Birds."

Requirements for location:

  • Large, older property around 6-7 bedrooms. No recent remodeling.
  • Must have large rooms, huge staircase, and long hallways leading to individual rooms
  • Must have lots of recent photos to share.
  • Property needs lots of trees around it preferably outside the city.
  • Location needs to look secluded having no other homes or structures around.
  • Basement and attic also needed.
  • Trap doors, secret passages, and hidden rooms would be helpful but not required.

If you know of a property that could be rented for this film, email the location scout by clicking here.