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Orlowske released from jail; claims arrest was a set up

RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB)  --  The dogs taken from Richard Orlowske's "Save my Tail" shelter are now at the Rhea County Animal Shelter.

They'll stay there a couple of days before many of them are transported to other shelters with the room to house them.  The man who cared for them walked out of the Rhea County Jail Friday afternoon and Channel 3 was the only station there to hear what he had to say.

"How have I really been? I'm ticked off. I believe I've been set up," Orlowske says. That's all he would say. "No comment till I talk to the attorney and stuff."

However, there's no question Orlowske has a large support group. Many of them have voiced their outrage on the Friends of Rhea County Animal's Facebook page.

"Richard worked tirelessly on saving animals," Brandi Dawkins, the groups spokesperson says.

His supporters claim Sheriff Mike Neal is out to get Orlowske. The sheriff was not available for comment Friday but we did speak to Detective Mike Owenby who is leading the case.

He says Orlowske showed up on their radar after a couple of college students visited the shelter to adopt a dog. "They seen the conditions that was up there and they've actually took some pictures and brought them down here to us," says Owenby.

Orlowske may have his supporters across the region but officers wonder how many actually visited his shelter. "In real life if they went up there and seen what the condition really was I'm sure they wouldn't want to send their animals up there," Owenby says.

Right now Orlowske is officially charged with one count of cruelty to animals, its a misdemeanor charge. However, officers say more charges will likely follow.


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