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Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond won't be charged in seized Town Car case

CHATTANOOGA (TIMES FREE PRESS) - The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office found this week that there was no criminal conduct when Sheriff Jim Hammond gave a woman back a car seized during a drug arrest last year.

District Attorney Bill Cox issued a memo this week to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that stated, "A review of the investigative file by this office confirmed that there was neither criminal intent or criminal conduct by the sheriff or members of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, and therefore, no prosecution will ensue."

Marcia Tenenbaum, who said she attended classes at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga with the sheriff, called Hammond in April 2012 after her son was stopped while driving her 1990 Lincoln Town Car. Her son, Jeremy Tenenbaum, was arrested for felony possession after 15 ounces of marijuana and a couple hundred dollars were found in the car, according to a police report.

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