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Walker County Animal Shelter reopens after parvo shutdown

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WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- After nearly two weeks of being shutdown for parvovirus, the Walker County Animal Shelter opens again.

Director Alison Smith says she got the call several dogs were showing signs of parvo and chose to shut down.

This is the same issue she dealt with in July and says dogs being dropped off are spreading the disease.

She insists the shelter is not to blame.

"It is because of the community," Smith says. "Turning a blind eye to a stray animal and it continues to reproduce. Someone needs to step up."

Smith describes the virus as a deadly case of the flu for dogs and when you get one sick pup around the rest, it's the perfect setup for a bad situation.

The shelter has to euthanize animals in quarantine, and then shut down before the virus spreads in the community.

Humans can't catch it, but can carry it on something like a car tire.

Now, you are driving parvo out and it spreads like wildfire.

"When you have community settings, whether it's dogs, cats or people, you are going to have a strain of bacteria and potential for viral infection."

Smith says the gritty cleanup process can setback adoptions, but it's better safe than sorry.

The issue, she says, boils down to bad owners.

"At this shelter and shelters across the country, it happens because people are negligent in getting their animals vaccinated."

Smith recommends everyone get their animal vaccinated annually.

She also says if you don't have the money, call the shelter and find out if a low-cost clinic is in your area.


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