CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Forbes magazine, the national business magazine, has named a local company among the "Most Promising Company" in America.

Coming in at No. 9, Access America is a logistics company that recently announced the addition of 450 jobs in Chattanooga and eastern Tennessee.

In the story, titled "America's Most Promising Non-Tech Companies," Forbes said "CEO Ted Alling started the company with two college buddies as a 24 year-old in 2002. COO and cofounder Allan Davis has a tattoo of the company logo on his back left shoulder."

The 14 companies mentioned in these story include a wide range of companies, ranging from Popchips, the No. 5 pick to Plum Organics, No. 19.

The takeaway from Forbes' story is there are still some areas of the economy that don't fall into high-tech, but those numbers are dwindling - fast.

Read the Forbes story here.