Kathryn Healy spends most of her time on a soccer field. She has played since she was three years old, but, a hip injury almost left her on the sidelines.

Kathryn Healy says "It started about spring season after my first year of soccer at Lee and I thought I was just getting more competitive and it was just a hip flexer muscle injury."

But as the season progressed, the pain got worse. That's when Kathryn learned about a procedure now being offered in our area.

Dr. Brandon Cincere is an Orthopaedic surgeon at Ortho South.

Dr. Brandon Cincere says "Hip orthoscopy is an outpatient procedure that patients can go home the same day. With cameras and small instruments that go through into the joints with small incisions."

Doctors are able to use a camera to get a clear view and visualize the inside of a joint. They can then better diagnose and treat the problem.

"Dr. Cincere says this procedure is usually performed on the younger more active population between the ages of 15 and 50, patients like Kathryn who are active in recreational or organized sports." .

Dr. Brandon Cincere says "typically in this patient population we didn't have a good treatment, we really didn't know what was going on."

Kathryn Healy says "I honestly had no pain from it, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and how well I did recovering."

While hip orthoscopy has been performed for a number of years, it is not as common as knee or shoulder orthoscopy, and most people in this area would travel out of town to have the procedure done... or either turn to a more invasive procedure.

Dr. Brandon Cincere says " They were treating these with big open procedures so large incisions, high increased risk of infection, blood loss, nerve damage, increased complications"

.While this minimally invasive procedure offers a much better option for patients like Kathryn, it is not for those with have hip arthritis. As for her future, Kathryn is just looking forward to getting back out on the soccer field.

Kathryn Healy says " I have high hopes , that it will make me an even better player with how well it has made me feel."

Kathryn says the game plan is to be 100 percent by July, just in time for pre-season.