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Cleveland crypt still leaking six months later

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CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB)  --  Amy Andies has to cover her face when she visits her late grandmother inside the Sunset Memorial Gardens mausoleum.

"The smell, I mean, before anything else the smell just hits you. It's a sickening smell," Andies says. "It's very disheartening, it's sad that so much disrespect is shown to our loved ones."

On the floor next to her grandmother's resting place, a wet stain.

"They said that when my grandmother was buried the tomb wasn't sealed properly," says Andies.

Six months ago she was told crews removed the rotten wooden planks from inside the tomb and replaced it with acrylic glass to keep bodily fluids from leaking. 

However, now Andies doubts that ever happened.

"What angers me so much now is that we were assured that this was resolved six months ago," Andies says.

"There are some things that have been done, but they are minor in terms of the things which need to be done," Attorney Jim Logan says.

Logan represents the Andies family as well as Ralph Buckner Funeral Home.

"What we all want to see is an improvement in the conditions here so it shows respect for the dead and a concern for the memory that people have of their loved ones," says Logan.

The owners of the cemetery, The Lawrence Group based out of Atlanta, refused to comment, but did say they have made the necessary repairs.

Cemetery management also refused to comment on the issue.

Channel 3 reached out to officials with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance who say The Lawrence Group had agreed to correct the issues months ago.

After our call Monday, they sent another inspector to the memorial gardens.

However, the Andies know you don't need an inspector to see or smell the problems here.

"This isn't the first and probably won't be last issue that we've had with them not keeping the grounds here," says Andies. "Come to visit them and have a sense of peace, and it's anything but that."

Logan says he's working with Assistant District Attorney Stephen Hatchett to move forward with litigation.

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