CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The majority of our viewing area had some amount of snow Saturday. The snow came and went pretty quickly, but what it left behind made for a dangerous day on the roads for many in our area-- especially places like Mowbray Mountain, where the locals say you have to have a four wheel drive, but even that might not cover you.

It's a lesson Kegan Frederick learned the hard way.

"I had it in first gear trying to ease up it and then just didn't work out," driver Kegan Frederick said.

He lost control of his truck while heading up Montlake Road.

"I was sliding pretty much the whole way up here til I got to right here. I think to myself, well crap, I'm going in the ditch," Ferderick said.

Several other cars almost ended up there with him, in just the few minutes during our interview.

About a mile later, another truck in a ditch. Each time, residents stopped to offer help, because most who live on Mowbray Mountain say they've gotten used to the steep and slippery drive.

"Drive a four wheel drive vehicle and go very slow and just be aware of any vehicles that might have slid off the road and be in the way," resident Bruce Cunningham said.

"It's slick and you got to drive careful and black ice is the worst and it's dangerous if you don't be real careful," Alton and Eloise Ledford said.

The Ledfords, married 58 years, say the snow and ice wasn't keeping them from their date.

"Dunlap, over to Andy's to eat lunch. (Reporter: So it's not stopping you?) No! No, we're going," the Ledfords said.

Emergency officials closed several roads in Soddy-Daisy for part of the day, but re-opened them after salt and snow trucks cleared the way. Kegan's dad was able to pull him out of the ditch.

On Signal Mountain, it was the same problems. The W Road was closed until after it was treated.

Traffic crawled most of the morning and afternoon on the I-24 ridge cut, where several cars wrecked or spun out.