COHUTTA (WRCB) - A small earthquake shook the ground near the Tennessee-Georgia line early Saturday morning. The epicenter of the 2.3 quake shook at 1:47 a.m. north of Cohutta just east of Highway 60.

No major damage or injuries are usually reported in an earthquake this small. It was enough to send homeowners to Channel 3's Facebook page to find out what happened.

Livi Roberts said, "I live in Cohutta, Georgia and I'm pretty sure we just had an earthquake within the last five minutes! I felt my whole house shake from southside to north and the china in my cabinet rumbled."

Another neighbor, Tammy Blassingame Farmer, in Cohutta reported something similar, "Just heard a loud bomb-like noise, shook the house. It woke me up. It was so loud!"

"Scary! I was sitting in my kitchen and my house started shaking, like something hit the foundation," said Lisa Morgan Herndon from Crandall, Georgia.

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