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Home catches fire; homeowner says its his own fault

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB)  --  Last Friday Michael Moore's home went up in flames. The entire house was engulfed within minutes.

"It's my own fault," Moore says.

One cigarette, that's all it took to burn down the house Michael called home since he was five.

"Put my cigarette out in the ash tray and dumped it in the garbage can full of tissues," he explains. That morning he went back to bed. As he began to doze off he smelled smoke.

"When I opened my bedroom door everything was ablaze," says Michael. He only had minutes to salvage what he could, in the process he cut his wrist.

"I was worried about my cat, Fuzzy," says Michael.

His cat managed to escape the roaring fire which reached his gun ammunition and a propane tank causing an explosion. That's when Michael's neighbor, Pastor David Sampson ran to help.

"He went back to his house and got me a dry pair of shoes and a dry pair of socks. That meant so much to me because my feet were wet and they were freezing," says Michael. 

He watched as the home he helped build with his father burned. "He left the house to me knowing that I would be responsible enough to take care of it, but I let him down there," says Michael.

Now he's staying with his next door neighbors and Sampson's Fort Oglethorpe church donated clothes. "I've never had clothes this nice," says Michael.

He may have a long road ahead of him but right now he feels grateful for his neighbors and the church. "For them to step up and help me, its humbling," Michael says.

Michael did not have smoke detectors or insurance. He wants to rebuild on his property but says he'll take it one step at a time.

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