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Employees demand Meo Mio's restaurant pay them

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LOOKOUT VALLEY, TN. (WRCB) -- Ashley Harris, Wayne Doss and Olivia Long all used to work for Meo Mio's Cajun Restaurant in Lookout Valley and all have the same problem: they say they haven't been paid by management in months.

Long says, "It makes me mad, because I put my time in there. I could have been looking for another job and doing other things."

Channel 3 stopped by the restaurant Monday and the name Meo Mio's has been covered by a banner for Smoky Creek Steakhouse.

We were told off camera by the manager the change happened recently after a year under the previous name.

These former employees say they watched the Cajun restaurant lose it's spice, quickly.

"If a manager wants to keep a restaurant he should be able to treat his employees well and with respect and be able to pay them," Long says.

Wayne Doss says he is owed about $200.

"I'm here on time," he says. "I leave on time. I'm here for closing and opening and you can't give me what I need for what I've done."

Doss also says he has a 4-year-old that he hasn't been able to take care of since being in between jobs.

"I am behind in child support. And this is something I need, because I haven't been able to pay it," he says.

Ashley Harris claims the restaurant owes here more than $600.

She has worked with the restaurant since it opened last year, and says the hundreds of dollars she's owed have left her in a financial hole. 

"I have had to ask so many people for money. I owe so many people. It has put myself in a bind, because I still haven't got a paycheck."

The manager tells Channel 3 he is aware of the issues and hopes to have them worked out in the next few days.

Harris says she hopes this time it happens.

"I ask every day about our checks, and I'm told there is no money there to pay us," she says.

The property owner tells Channel 3 he wants to have this situation worked out in the next few days.

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