CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - There is just no room in civilized society for people that rob stores, waving guns around. That is what these crooks did on December 12th. "We just need to take these guys and go ahead and put them in jail for a while," said Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones.

Surveillance video shows the trio walking up to the Tienda Quetzal on 23rd Street around 7:00 that evening. "These three guys, they know each other," explained Off. Jones. "It was almost orchestrated of what they were going to do. So, it was already preplanned of how they were going to go into this business and how they were going to rob them."

From an interior camera, we get a sharper look at them. "The first person through the door is actually carrying a silver revolver. You'll see it just as pain as day," Jones described. "And he starts beginning to wheel the revolver at not only the cashier, but he, I'm sure he didn't mean to do it, but he was pointing it at his friends, as well."

The thug with the gun and white colored or surgical gloves appears to be the boss. He gets the clerk to the registers. "Now, one person goes throughout the business and starts basically being a lookout for them," said Jones. "The other individual actually goes behind the counter and begins, starts taking money out of the cash register."

The holdup lasts just over a minute. Take another look. The three are said to be black males. The video and pictures hold many clues to their identities: their hooded coats and bandannas, the way they walk and interact.

Remember, your call to Crime Stoppers is completely anonymous. If you know these guys, live close to them, are friends of friends, they will never know it was you who pointed them out...and there is reward cash waiting. "It's all about trying to stop crime and making sure that robberies go down, that burglaries go down," Officer Jones said. "Crime stoppers is here for the community."

We need your help. If you know anything about these guys or this holdup, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone, but you will never have to identify yourself. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting for your good tip.