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Parvovirus prompts closing of Walker Co. Animal Shelter

LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) -- Walker County has quarantined its animal shelter until February 6th according to Walker County coordinator David Ashburn.

"Unfortunately we discovered parvo(virus) had infected an animal at the shelter," Ashburn said. "Because of this discovery, we called the state department of agriculture to work with us as we take the necessary steps to ensure that the shelter is free from Infection."

According to Ashburn, the window will allow the infection to manifest itself if there are any other infected dogs and will provide time for a through cleaning of the facility.

"We want to take every precaution to make sure nothing else is infected," Ashburn said.

Parovirus is a disease that is primarily known for affecting dogs. The disease is highly contagious for other dogs in contact with the virus. It presents in two usual manifestations, a cardiac and intestinal form. Treatment commonly involves veterinary hospitalization. Canine parvovirus will not infect humans.

Walker County will continue to collect dogs that are a danger to the public, Ashburn said. Any animals collected during the quarantine will be held in a temporary facility.

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