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Eye On Health: Drug study for pre-eclampsia

(WRCB) -- Amanda Plecas says "Went in for my regular checkup and they went to check my blood pressure expecting it to be normal as it had always been and my doctor said I was close to having a seizure and I needed to go on bed rest."

 At 36 weeks, Amanda was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. A dangerous and rapidly progressive hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that affects more than 300-thousand women every year in the United States... making it the leading cause of maternal death in the country,

 Dr. David Adair says "It knows no racial boundaries, no economic boundaries, what we do know is you have to be a woman and be pregnant."

Dr. David Adair says "If you are a woman and you are pregnant then you are at risk."

 Amanda Plecas says "I was scared for my baby, I think every mom in that situation would be, I know it can be life threatening for the mom, but very dangerous for the baby."

 "At this time there is no treatment or cure. Dr. Adair says the only option is delivery of the baby.. which puts the newborn at increased risk for neurological complications... or even death... but that could be about to change thanks to a new drug that could be on the market in the near future"

 Dr. Adair and his Glenveigh medical research team located in downtown Chattanooga have received FDA fast track designation for the development of digoxin Immune Fab or D-I-F, a potential new therapy the company is developing to treat pre-eclampsia.

 Dr. David Adair says "This drug would stabilize mother and baby during that time."

 Dr. Adair says they are getting ready to kick off phase three trial for the drug, which is the end study before it is FDA approved.

 Amanda Plecas says "I was very lucky that my baby was healthy and I didn't have any long term issues with it."

 Amanda, was one of the fortunate ones and Dr. Adair hopes this drug will help several other women with Amanda's condition have a happy ending.


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