DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- Bring drugs into Dade County, and you will be arrested.

That's the message from one of North Georgia's newest sheriffs, who has put the drug task force back to work.

And as you're about to read, it's paying off.

"From Texas, to Florida there's a lot of drug trafficking going up and down interstates to those areas," says Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross.

It's a stretch of Interstate 24 that until this week wasn't being patrolled by Dade County officers.

"It hasn't been worked in years," Sheriff Cross says. "And when I ran for sheriff, I decided I was going to stop crime from coming into our county."

The New Year brought a new sheriff, and a new drug interdiction team.

Sheriff Cross says it isn't costing taxpayers any more. If anything, it's helping fund the fight against drugs.

"We're not out there searching for revenue, but we are trying to stop the crimes that come here," Sheriff Cross says. "And sometimes the revenue comes with it."

Case in point: $30,000 in cash, cold hard drug money confiscated on this team's third night in operation.

"Up, under, I believe, the back dashboard," Sheriff Cross says. "They saw it sagging down a bit, pulled it down and a bag fell out with over $30,000 in cash."

The officer stopped the car for following another vehicle dangerously close.

"When he approached the vehicle, he smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle," says Sheriff Cross.

A K-9 unit led officers to a small amount of marijuana, and the cash.

The driver and her passenger told officers they didn't know where the money came from.

It's now in the hands of Dade County authorities.

The two suspects, from California, face misdemeanor drug charges.

Sheriff Cross says it's just a taste of what's to come.

He plans on taking a bite out of crime one drug deal at a time.

"They might want to reroute," Sheriff Cross warns.