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Former Murray County deputy indicted in federal court

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ROME, GA. (WRCB)  -- Former Murray County Deputy Joshua Greeson appeared in Rome's Federal Court Wednesday to be officially charged for obstructing a civil right's investigation.  

He pleaded not guilty to making a false statement and destroying evidence.

"It's a big mess, honestly that's what it is," Greeson says.

The charges stem from an incident in late August when Angela Garmley was pulled over for driving with her brights on. Greeson arrested her for meth possession; however, investigators now believe the drugs may have been planted there.

Greeson claims he was only following orders from former Captain Mike Henderson.

"When I got out of canine school I was given a lookout on a vehicle," explains Greeson. "Told me it was high on dope, didn't know who was in the vehicle. I just knew that vehicle was high on drugs, and I've been told that a thousand times before, so it wasn't anything abnormal."

As the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct involving former Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran and the woman Greeson pulled over moved forward, Greeson was questioned by the GBI, but he got a visit from Henderson first.

"Told me I was the only one who knew about the lookout on the vehicle and if I didn't say nothing about the vehicle, that nobody else would know about it," explains Greeson.

Greeson says he feared Henderson and initially lied to investigators, but later came forward.

"I told them what he told me to say then I went right back and told them the truth about it," Greeson says.

He says he also deleted pictures of the drugs that were planted on Garmley's car from his cell phone.

"I deleted them, because I didn't want the memory of it," says Greeson.

Garmley's attorney, McCracken Poston, believes Henderson approached a number of officers about the lookout on Garmley's vehicle.

"This was just the poor sap that took the job," says Poston.

Now Greeson has to wait to see if the case will go to trial.

"He understands 95 percent of all cases in federal court are won by the government and he says 'I'm not a felon'," explains Ed Marger, Greeson's attorney.

"You know that ain't right. I've never been a person to want to do somebody wrong," Greeson says.

Greeson's preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 23 in federal court.


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