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City leaders approve $33 million for sewer system upgrades

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- City leaders voted Tuesday night to make major upgrades to Chattanooga's failing sewer system.

The move comes with a big price tag.

Council members approved $33-million in federally mandated repairs, with another $3.7 million for operational costs.

Phase one includes more than a dozen projects.

City council members say this is just the first step in complying with T-DEC's mandate to bring the city's sewer system up to standards.

"We're going to be in better shape," Council Manny Rico says. "We have to do this right. That's why we've put so much money in it. But it's something we've agreed on, and it's something we have to do."

"As we look at what's been decided, we're not so sure at this point that that's totally going to rectify the issue," Councilman Andrae McGary says. "So we're trying one step after the other and as you would imagine, we want to be as cost sensitive as we can in the process."

The loan for phase one will come from T-DEC.

City leaders say that was the most affordable option.

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