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SCHOOL PATROL: New security measures in Sequatchie County

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SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- When times seem dangerous Sequatchie County takes safety measures to a new level.

After last month's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Sequatchie school leaders drew up plans to limit who comes through school doors and how to add more safety.

Assistant Superintendent of schools, Pete Swafford says, "They are some changes we talked about before, but the shooting made us more aware we need to do what we talk about."

Inside Griffith Elementary some things remain the same like security cameras, but now parents are only allowed in the main office, never in the halls.

The school is also set to build a second security wall in the main entrance to stop any would-be trouble from making it inside.

"I am a parent and grandparent, and I want my family as safe as they can possibly be," Swafford says.

Right now, two deputies patrol three schools in the county, but talks of adding another armed officer are in place.

School leaders say these aren't temporary plans.

Outside the school, all the doors will be locked and talks of bulletproof glass have been on the table.

Picking up students will be different. You still need a pass, but if it doesn't have the school seal on it, it's no good.

"Folks in the community feel good knowing we are doing everything we can to keep their kids as safe as we can," says Swafford.

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