CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Building your own home comes with advantages and disadvantages. One Chattanooga couple has been dealing with the latter. They've been robbed four times in the process. They're out money and patience.

"It's getting frustrating real frustrating trying to get this house done and I keep getting robbed. I don't have a lot of money to keep putting into it," said homeowner and builder Kenny Johnson.

Johnson and his girlfriend Stephanie Thompson are fed up. Four separate times they've been robbed while building their own house. The bad guys have made away with a toilette, a tub, two doors, the heating and air conditioning unit and siding a handful of heavy duty tools.

Johnson said, "I know the economy is bad and everyone is having it hard right now but get you a job somewhere. If you need something ask us you know we'll give you the shirt off our back just don't take it from us."

In all Kenny says he's out $8,000. The project was supposed to be complete in October and Kenny and Stephanie were supposed to be the happy owners of their first home.

Johnson said, "my father passed away and left me a little money. I never had much. I figure instead of spending it and blowing it I'd build me a house. Every time I look at this house it reminds me of my dad."

Kenny chose not to spend the roughly $400 annually to buy the builder's insurance, but he has since installed extra security systems in and around the house. He says the bulk of his saws and tools were all Craftsman and will have the initials K.J. marked on them.

"Hopefully it will keep the thieves out I want everyone to know we have an alarm system too. It will go off and the police will be on their way so come on, I hope we catch you," said Johnson.