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Crime Stoppers: Hickory Valley Attack & Robbery

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- This week's robbery happened back on September 10th, early on that Monday morning, around 4:30 AM along Hickory Valley Road. "The victim in this case was actually walking to work," said Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones.

"A gray Taurus pulled up beside him," explained Officer Jones, "three black males jump out of the Taurus and literally start to go and assault this gentleman." Soon after the attack, surveillance video from a nearby Wal-Mart shows the car arrive and park, then the three entering the store. Minutes after the trio took the man's backpack, and emptied his pockets of a wallet and cell phone, they went shopping.

This is where we get our clearest look at them. Study the pictures. The images are very clear. "They all look like in their 20's, maybe late teens," said Jones. "All three of them black males. I think one of them is a little bit taller than the other ones; a head taller than the other ones."

Who knows what other crimes they may have committed over the last three months. "I know that someone's going to recognize some of these guys," Jones added, "just by the way they walk and even by some of their mannerisms that they do towards each other."

They have gotten away with it until now. It is time to make them pay, for a change. "Any tip that anyone can give us will not only just help us get these guys off the street," Jones said, "but also give a little justice to the individual that got robbed on the side of the street when all he was trying to do is make a living."

This could be your payday. Do you recognize one or all three of he attackers? Does their car look familiar? Or maybe you have put the pieces together and can point authorities in the right direction. There is up to a thousand dollars reward cash waiting for the right tip.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Remember, a police officer may answer the phone, but you never have to reveal your identity.

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