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Crosses for a cause: an artist gives back to those in need

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MOBILE, AL (WPMI) -- Carrie Arensberg is making a difference in the lives of her friends and neighbors who lost so much in the Christmas day tornado.

Carey Arensberg has been collecting wood from damaged homes, businesses and churches and making crosses to sell for profit. That profit will all go back to folks who lost their homes and belongings in the Christmas Day tornado.

Arensberg has seen so much destruction in her neighborhood and feels so blessed, that she decided to do something to help the people around her.

Crafted from the destruction are what she calls crisis crosses, that come in all shapes, sizes and colors but they all have the same powerful message.

Before she can create a crisis cross, she has to find the wood to make them by going from neighborhood to neighborhood, looking for debris.

To Arensberg's surprise, the artwork has been instantly popular. In the first 24 hours she made $1,200, all to give back to tornado victims.

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