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Tis the season... for holiday gift returns

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The day after Christmas can mean one of two things: a lazy day with family and friends, eating leftovers and relaxing or you get yourself back into the hustle and bustle of returning gifts and cashing in on last minute sales.   

To find out exactly why your neighbors are standing in lines, again: too big, too small, too ugly, too expensive...the list of reasons to return gifts goes on.

A steady flow piled in to the target on Gunbarrell Wednesday. Many made a beeline straight to the return counter, many trying avoid the camera for fear of hurting feelings.

"my mom got me shoes that I wasn't thrilled about. I didn't want to return them because I didn't want to hurt her feelings," said Julian petit.

The National Retail Federation says 45 percent of those they surveyed are returning Christmas gifts this year.

The reasons obviously vary. For Danielle Eaker it was about saving some much needed cash. "Someone got me a coffee mug for $21.84. I thought that was a little expensive for a coffee mug, so I took the money and bought a five dollar mug instead."

And then there's the gift you just have no use for. And if you can't bring yourself to return it, the Owens family has a way around it. "It's the world of dirty Santa you get to give those to someone else. It's a wonderful thing," said Darrel Owens.

Regifting was our "Question of the Day" earlier this month and some 30 percent said they would or have done it.

And as a last bit of advice, the national retail federation says if you do plan on returning anything make sure you have the receipt and don't open it.


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