CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The Chattanooga Forgotten Child Fund is working down to the wire to make sure needy children in our area have a Christmas.

Organizers with the Forgotten Child Fund have been working very hard to collect toys, saying they will be helping more children than ever this year.

Area biker clubs tagged along to help the Forgotten Child Fund collect toys from two Chattanooga neighborhoods.

"This year we're going to pack more than ever. We're going to do over 7,200. The last count was 7,238 children we've packed for," says Clay Ingle with the Forgotten Child Fund.

That is more than the record 6,500 children it gave toys to, two years ago.

The Forgotten Child Fund has been busy collecting the toys to give out during the Christmas Eve Santa Train.

"Some of these kids expected nothing for Christmas. Children are smart nowadays. They know it's tough times, they know their parents are having trouble and they see a tree with not a lot of stuff under it. Then all the sudden we come through, because we're able to because the public gives us this stuff to give out to the children," says Ingle.

"We just thought it'd be easy. Instead of having to go shop and bring it to us, we'd just come to them and pick up the toys," says Donnette Moore with Keller Williams Realty.

Keller Williams partnered with Emerson Properties, organizing the toy run.

People living in the Vineyard and Seven Lakes subdivisions left toys on their mailboxes, all going to children in need.

"I mean, I have children. I think any mother, it just tugs at your heart, the thought of a child not having something for Christmas," says Moore.

"So many of us are so well blessed. We can out and buy whatever we want whenever we want it," says Emerson Russell.

Russell, with Emerson Properties, donated $5,000 to the mission, saying the Forgotten Child Fund makes such a difference for so many children.

"They really take it to heart and they do a real good job," says Russell.

"The one thing I found out doing this, is in this region, I always knew there were people that care, but since I've become more involved in this, I mean, they just go out of their way to help," says Ingle.

The Forgotten Child Fund is a non-stop effort, always taking toy donations throughout the year, so it is not too late to help.

The Santa Train leaves from the Fire Training Center on Amnicola Highway, 5:30 on Christmas Eve.

You can hop on one of four CARTA buses to help pass out toys, if you would like.