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Glenwood residents: "They forgot about us or don't think it's important"

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Mud has attracted mosquitoes, damaged driveways, and clogged drains.

Glenwood residents say the city is in no hurry to fix the problem.

"They forgot about us, or they just don't think it's important," said James McClellan III.

It's been three months since a series of mud slides flooded yards on Glenwood Parkway.

City crews have cleared the roadway, but nothing else.

The ordeal is putting a damper on the holidays.

"It's engulfed in mud," said McClellan, pointing to the shed in his back yard. "I can't even get down there to my Christmas decorations. Santa might pass my kids up, which is not making them too happy."

"I wanted to spend (Christmas) here with my family, but nobody wants to come home," added Roberta Abernathy, who lives next door to McClellan.

It's not just mud.

When channel 3 visited Abernathy's address weeks ago, mosquitos were swarming.

Storm drains are still backed up.

Abernathy says the city doesn't seem to be in a hurry to fix it.

"I can assure you we will re-establish her lawn to better than it was before," promised Lee Norris, Director of Chattanooga's Public Works Department.

Norris says confusion over land ownership delayed repairs.

The city has now been assigned the land where the slide took place.

Norris says city officials are meeting with a contractor to finalize a plan. He says cleanup will come after the ridge is secure. That could take months.

"Until we can get the slope stabilized upstream we're kind of holding off on that," he explained, "because if we get another rain, we'll be right back where we were the first time."

City leaders say they are aware of the issue.

"You want to stop the leak before you bail out the boat so to speak," said Councilman Peter Murphy, who represents Glenwood Parkway. "I understand, but I would prefer that they go ahead and help (Roberta Abernathy) out and get the mess out of her yard."

Residents say at the very least a phone call would be appreciated.

Abernathy says it wasn't until Channel 3 showed up at her home Tuesday afternoon that she learned a solution is still months away.

She's ready to move.

"It's just not flying with me," she said.

"Hopefully the city will do something before (the Abernathys) leave," added McClellan. "It's bad to lose a good neighbor."

Abernathy and other residents have signed paperwork, allowing the city to make repairs on their property.

Norris says it's too soon to tell how much the project will cost.

Officials believe the slides were caused by years of illegal dumping.


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