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Guns in the classroom? Yes, in Texas

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HARROLD, TX (KFDX) --  A small Texas school district has already armed teachers as part of a plan to protect their students from outside attacks.

"Many people can learn how to effectively and safely guard others with firearms," Harrold Independent School District Superintendent David Thweatt says.

Certain teachers, though he won't say who or the number who do, carry guns daily at the K-12 school, which has just more than 100 students.

"Anonymity is key to what we do here at Harrold," Thweatt says.

His idea to let some teachers carry guns inside the classroom was put into effect in 2008.

Following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, he says he stands by his policy, and that quick action is what's needed in mass shooting type incidents.

"Virginia Tech was nine minutes. Fort Hood was three minutes. This one the other day, I think, was under four minutes.  Police cannot respond during that time.  You have to do something to protect you at the source," Thweatt says.

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