SPRING CITY, TN (WRCB) -- He's not a man of many words but John Rogge's family has one word to describe him, hero.

Due to paperwork, the Spring City Middle School special needs 6th grader was at home instead of in school on Oct 23. It likely saved his grandfather's life.

"I'd be six feet under right now," says grandfather James Rogge.

John was outside on his bike when he noticed smoke coming from their home, he immediately sprang into action. "I went and got my Grandpa and the dog," says John.

John's 72-year-old grandfather suffers from a number of health issues and it's hard for him to move. He says he likely would have never gotten up if it hadn't been for his grandson.

"When I walked from my room out the front door I could hardly see it was smoky," explains James.

John helped his grandfather to a chair in the front yard, then went back to save their pets. By the time the fire department arrived it was too late to salvage anything else.

"We got there, the fire department was there in 31 minutes. They said it was just too gone," says Beth Rogge, John's mother.

"We'd do anything for my grandfather. He's my father-in-law but that's John's blood. I'm just so thankful he was home by chance that day," says Beth.

The Rogge's lost everything but their spirits are still high. They say all they need is each other. "He's a brave young man and we're proud of him," says Beth.

If you'd like to help the Rogge family, contact Spring City Middle School.