TRENTON, GA (WRCB) -- Dade County students and teachers are rallying to support their school nurse and her family. Sonya Middlebrooks' home was destroyed by fire Wednesday night, and her family lost everything, including their cars.

Mrs. Middlebrooks is a friend to everyone in Dade County. In a 2011 WRCB news story, we profiled her doing what she does best, teaching children how to stay healthy and save lives. 

She was credited with saving the life of a Davis Elementary student who had choked on his food. That's why the county is coming together to help Sonya and her family after a devastating fire.

The Middlebrooks home burned in minutes during the wee hours of the morning, with the family dog waking Sonya's husband Daniel, who alerted family members to get out.  They escaped, just in time with nothing but their lives. 

Both cars, just outside the home were destroyed.  Thursday, the family, now with no drivers licenses, were unable to get a rental car.  They began the often slow process of dealing with insurance issues.

Dade County Schools Superintendent Shawn Tobin said, "My initial reaction was thank God they're okay.  Then, what can we do next to help this family that has meant so much to our school system."  Collection boxes are being set up at all Dade County schools, where "Nurse Sonya" has spent so much time helping students for the past several years.

To help the Middlebrooks family with expenses and supplies after their devastating fire, please send donations to:

                                                 Dade County Schools
                                                 52 Tradition Lane
                                                 Trenton, GA 30752