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Police investigating several car burglaries in Red Bank

RED BANK, TN (WRCB) -- Busted car windows and glass on driveways equates to headaches homeowners.

Ashmore Avenue in Red Bank is typically quiet and what is making noise is last week's car break-ins to three homes on the same block. 

Detective Michael Ray says, "It could be one or it could be several people getting on one side of the road and just looking for unlocked vehicles."

The last rash happened around 4 a.m. when most of us are asleep. 

Pictures were emailed to Channel 3 the day after the smash and not-so-grab happened.  There was glass in the seat but nothing missing from the car.

"They will open the car, look inside and see if there is something of value. If not they move on the next," Ray says.

Ann Heibel has avoided most of the headache since she moved red bank but says after her neighbors cars were broken into, she fears trouble could head her way.

The last thing on her Christmas list is more home security. "It's concerning, a little bit, but we will probably put motion-sensored lights up here."

Red Bank police say the break-ins come in "pockets" and smaller neighborhoods are being targeted.  Ashmore Avenue runs parallel to the main artery of the city, Dayton Boulevard.

Detective Ray says thieves can hit the side streets to avoid the busy roads.

Police are using foot patrol during the late nights.  Detective Ray says ,"We are just trying to see if we can find anyone out walking in these area and if so, why are they out? do they have a justified reason."

Investigators say they have leads on a possible suspect.

In the meantime, Red Bank police say you are encouraged to lock your doors and keep personal items in the house.

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