WICHITA, KS (KSN) -- If you've seen David Hill driving his pick up truck around Wichita, Kansas chances are you'd remember it.

It's covered in Christmas lights. There are 856 of them powered by an 8,000 watt generator in the bed of the truck.

Wichita Police pulled him over this week and gave him a ticket.

"It's a safety issue," explains Lt. Joe Schroeder with the Wichita Police Department. "When somebody puts colored lights on their vehicle, they're saying everybody look at me, and when people are looking at that particular vehicle, they become a hazard."

Hill has a different take on the truck.

"We've literally had thousands of people do pictures with the truck or stop and come up and look at it," said Hill.

Hill uses the truck to raise awareness for his charity "One Spark Can Start a Fire" as well as to spread holiday cheer.

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