RHEA COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Benjamin Stone is now telling his side of the story, after he was fired last week as a school bus driver in Rhea County.

"There was no assault," Stone says. "There was a temper tantrum on her part."

Police arrested and charged him with assault, after he allegedly put his hands on an 11-year-old girl on a bus.

"I tried to move her from one seat to another and she resisted. I put my hands on her, tried to get her to move. She throws herself on the floor. All that happened."

The Rhea County Schools Director Jerry Levengood issued a statement saying, Stone didn't follow policy in the situation.

Stone says in his defense he was never taught how to truly handle the situation.

"They teach you how to drive a bus, but not how to deal with kids," Stone says.

He drove the bus part-time and says the money was for medical bills.

Now, he is in fear of not having a job at all.

"Now I am in danger of losing a job that means a lot to me," he says.

He says it was days after the incident that he was notified he would be charged.

Stone maintains he made a bad call, but never had intentions of hurting anyone.

"Poor judgement yes, but no assault," Stone says.

The school board will meet Thursday to learn more information on the incident.

Stone is due in court in January.