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'Chattanooga Village' plan to be presented Monday afternoon

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HIXSON, TN (WRCB) -- Activists and residents continue to voice concerns for a proposed mixed-use development in Hixson. The developer is presenting its plans to the Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission Monday afternoon.

The North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy has been leading the charge in protesting the development and the developer, Scenic Land Company. The organization, along with residents, is urging the planning commission to defer any type of recommendation on the project.

"What troubles us most, and what troubles the public most is we, as members of the public, have different information than what RPA has," says Greg Vickrey, Executive Director of the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy.

Vickrey says Scenic Land Company has not been as forthcoming with its proposed 'Chattanooga Village' as he would like.

The company is looking to build a 190-acre commercial and apartment living development off Highway 153, near Boyscout Road.

"What we've seen every step of the way has changed," says Vickrey.

Vickrey and other residents have made sure to have their voice heard at meetings with the developer.

Duane Horton, who represents Scenic Land Company, was not available for an interview, but told Channel 3 by phone there have been some recent adjustments made to the plans, but did not give details.

In past interviews, he has maintained the company has been clear about its plans, passing out packets and drawings.

"There was a two dimensional plan that showed a lot of things, but now there's a narrative that goes along with that, that accompanies what we're going to do that you can't necessarily write on a plan," Horton said at a past meeting.

"He's trying to push this through as rapidly as possible and it doesn't hurt his cause that everyone is distracted by the holiday season right now," says Vickrey.

Vickrey hopes the planning commission holds off on any recommendation for at least 60 days.

"We think the public should have a right to analyze those documents for the next month or two and hope that the planning commission believes the same," says Vickrey.

The meeting takes place Monday at one in the afternoon at the Hamilton County Courthouse on Georgia Avenue.

Horton says Scenic Land Company plans on holding another public meeting on Tuesday to review the changes with the community.

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