CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The popular Hook n' Look television show that was filmed on beautiful Carters Lake in Northwest Georgia this summer is scheduled to air the first week of January.

Hook n' Look is a fishing show designed to give anglers an underwater view of fish in their habitat. After fishing an area, Hosts Kim and Danny Stricker use scuba gear and underwater camera to show viewers what is actually happening below the waters surface.

Fishing Guide, Louie Bartenfield was on hand to help the Hook n' Look crew with the fishing and filming on Carters Lake in May.

"You think you know how fish relate to cover in a lake you fish 200+ days per year, until Kim & Danny go underwater and things are just a bit different than you thought," says Bartenfield. "This was an eye opening experience for me to, say the least. This may be the best Spotted Bass fishing show ever filmed."

Louie is the owner of Carters Lake Guide Service and has been a guide on Carters since 2004. He specializes in teaching sonar interpretation, Side Imaging Technology, graph orientation, sonar sight fishing, and clear water techniques used for deep structure fishing.

The show is scheduled to air on Saturday, Jan. 5th and again on Sunday, Jan. 6th on the Outdoor Channel, according to Bartenfield