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Couple doesn't make hospital in time, delivers 'Mustang Sally' inside car

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CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) -- A couple tried their best to make it to the hospital on time but end up delivering their newborn baby inside their car.

Shaina and Justin Luce say it is a ride they will never forget. Shaina was scheduled to be induced earlier in the week but their daughter decided to make an early appearance.

"I said, 'Honey, my water just broke.' And this one pops up and he's like, 'Are you serious?'" exclaims Shaina Luce.

"She was pretty calm. I was the one freaking out. I was going nuts," says Justin Luce.

Justin and Shaina made a mad dash to their Mustang Wednesday night when Shaina started going into labor a little sooner than expected.

Little Sybella Marie-Rose was not scheduled to be delivered until the next morning.

"I don't know how fast he was going because I screaming," says Shaina.

Justin pushed his Mustang to the limit, topping out at 100 miles per hour, trying his best to get to Erlanger.

"I pushed the car, tried to make it go as fast as it would go. I was under pressure. I normally don't drive like that, but in my eyes I had no choice. I was afraid for her, the baby," says Justin.

"When the contractions actually became like 20 and 30 seconds apart, did I realize she's coming. So it was right then I was like, 'She's coming now. She's coming!' I started taking off my pants," Shaina says with a laugh.

Justin called 911.

"The 911 dispatcher said, 'I'll walk you through this.' I said, 'I'm a mechanic, not a doctor. I do not know how to do this!'"

"The baby had started to crown. And I told him that and he looked over and was like, 'No!'"

By the time they got off the freeway, Shaina managed to deliver Sybella.

There were a few scary moments because she was not breathing at first. Shaina managed to clear her airway and little Sybella let out a cry; a big sigh of relief for mom and dad.

"I'm very proud of her. She did great. She's a hero in my eyes. In my eyes, she saved my baby," says Justin.

"She's a great baby. That's my Mustang Sally," says Shaina.

Both mom and baby are doing just fine.

Shaina and Justin also want to give credit to Shaina's sister and friend who were following them to the hospital. They also helped talk Shaina through the delivery.

Justin says he plans on giving Sybella the Mustang when she turns 16.

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