RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) -- A 78-year-old Ringgold woman watched as a truck drove away with the walking cane she needs every day. Now she's offering a reward for the cane that means a lot to her and is considered to be a family heirloom.

"To me, it don't mean anything to anybody else but it means a great deal to me and I can't explain it," said Barbara Anderson.

With six kids, 19 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren, family means a great deal to Barbara Anderson. And when she watched someone else drive away with her cane that belonged to her late mother, she was at a loss for words.

"I lost her in 2002 and she wanted me to have the cane. So I took it," said Anderson.

With bad knees herself, she needed the cane. Of course she could buy another, but it's just not the same.

Barbara was loading groceries at the Ringgold Shop Rite. She hooked the cane on the back of her truck, forgot it was there and drove away. About a mile and a half down Boynton Dr., she heard it fall off and saw it lying in the middle of the road.

"I had pulled in a driveway because I was determined to turn around and get it, but he beat me to it," Anderson said. "So I turned around and followed him."

She watched a late model red pickup driving the other way, open the door, pick up the cane and then continue driving. Barbara followed the truck for about three miles trying to get their attention.

"You never know when someone is following you blowing the horn and waving hands, that's what I was doing. Maybe they were scared," said Anderson.

She doesn't think they intentionally stole it from her but she would like it back and has even placed a reward well above its monetary value. But way under its sentimental value.

"I'd be willing to give them a $50 reward just call me. I can pick it up or they can bring it to me here," she said.

She doesn't have any pictures of the cane she describes it as a dark and very worn down piece of wood. No bells or whistles, just a curved handle.

If you have it or know where it could be call (423) 362-9927.