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Baby Jesus stolen from Red Bank business

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RED BANK, TN (WRCB) -- For years the owners of More Than 10,000 Picture Frames in Red Bank would showcase their nativity scene. And for years they would bring in the baby Jesus at night.

This year they chose to leave it outside at night and on Sunday baby Jesus was missing.

Store owner Mike Adams is in disbelief and searching for answers. "It's tough to wrap your head around it, who in the world would do something like that," he asked.

Adams' question is more than legitimate. Who and why would someone steal the baby Jesus from his nativity scene outside his custom picture frame business in Red Bank?

"I tried to look at it positively like maybe someone didn't have enough money to buy their child a doll or something," said Adams. "But the story that's probably true and I hate to admit it is that someone's probably being mean and nasty."

Adams said it disappeared Saturday night. The doll had no monetary value but its sentimental value has no limit. The doll belonged to his sister and is at least 40 years old. Its clothes were his sons and almost 25 years old. "The blanket wrapped around it was my personal blanket and its 45 years old, " he said.

Adams said even more important than what the stolen baby Jesus meant to him is what the nativity scene stands for. "It's more than a Christmas decoration. It's in here and I want it in everyone's heart. It's a 2000-year-old story and it's still true today."

His message to whoever stole baby Jesus is clearly posted. It reads "Whoever stole baby Jesus, put him in your heart."

"I have nothing but love and forgiveness for the person that stole it. Like I put on my sign whoever stole it, put him in your heart where it belongs," Adams noted.

Adams also says people can take what they want but they can never take his holiday spirit. "Whoever did it tried to steal my Christmas spirit and they were unable to. I've put up more decorations and I'll put up more next week."

Adams said he's not going to replace the baby Jesus just yet, he's hoping our story will help whoever stole it, return it. If you have any information, please call his store at (423) 875-6985.

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