CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-  Students in Shellie Gibson's 1st grade class exceeded their goals in a reading competition as part of the Read 20 program. 

Read 20 encourages students to read 20 minutes at home each day as part of their homework.  The goal in this class was to reach 1000 minutes before holiday break in order to earn a limited edition SkippyJon Jones backpack  (a popular character in children's books). 

Ms. Gibson's students read a combined total of over 3000 minutes for the first half of the school year.  Bradley Schroder, the winner of the competition read over 1200 minutes.  Ms. Gibson's students celebrated with a Little Debbie party.  Along with reading for 20 minutes at home, students responded to their reading by writing about what they read in a log.   

Ms. Gibson firmly believes in this program especially since DuPont is a Title 1 school. As the research behind the program suggests, reading helps break the cycle of poverty for students who come from low income backgrounds.  In Ms. Gibson's class, the Read 20 program is not only helping students learn to set and achieve goals, but it is encouraging students to establish good reading habits and become life-long readers.