CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Shots rang out just after 9 p.m. Friday outside Brainerd High School where the gym was packed for a game against Howard.

Chattanooga Police arrested 19 year old Robert Jackson for unlawful possession of a weapon.

Brainerd High School officials want to stress the shots were not fired on school property, rather on the surrounding streets. In fact they say the game was so loud, they didn't know what had happened until police swarmed the area.

Neighbors on the other hand, said the sound of rapid gunfire scared residents for several blocks.

"I heard several shots," neighbor Ezra Harris said.

"Next thing you know I heard about ten shots," neighbor Patrick Dunigan said.

People living around there say they've heard gunshots before, but never that many rounds one after the other.

"The first thing I thought is somebody must have got killed or if they didn't get killed, somebody's a real bad shot, one of the two," Dunigan said.

Police say there were three different shooting sites-- outside Tucker Baptist Church, by the rec center's tennis courts and behind the football field.

Channel 3 spoke to several neighbors who didn't want to go on camera for fear of their homes being shot at, but they all say the same thing-- that they heard anywhere between 10 to 20 shots. One woman tells us she saw three cars speed off headed toward Brainerd Road.

Patrick Dunigan says he heard tires squealing.

"Might have been somebody fleeing the scene," Dunigan said.

Many say they hit the floor, afraid of what might happen with that many bullets flying.

"Stray bullets, you don't know where they're going to or where they're coming from and I'm just trying to stay out of the way so I don't get struck by them," Harris said.

No injuries were reported. Chattanooga Police say the shots were fired at the same time the game was going on and after.

"It's just a shame you can't go to a public event without having to worry about dodging bullets or worry about the drama," Dunigan said.

Most students were picked up by their parents as officers searched the area for clues. School officials say everyone left peacefully and without any safety issues.

Neighbors say they would like to more police patrols in the area, especially on nights where there are events going on at the school or rec center.