POLK COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A Polk County outreach program needs your help finding a tractor trailer full of donated supplies.

People Helping People is the largest outreach program in Polk County; it was started by Gail Wilcoxon while her family went through a tough time. "Just over night we as down from three jobs to one," Wilcoxon says.

Through their struggles she saw where there was a need and jumped on the opportunity to help. At first, the part thrift store part outreach program helped about 70 people a month. Sense then it has grown tremendously.

"Last month we helped 1,040." says Wilcoxon. 

However, Monday night a 48 foot tractor trailer full of items went missing. "It's set here for almost three years, just sat here," she says. It was full of clothes, pocket books and nearly 200 pounds of shoes.

Wilcoxon believes whoever took the trailer hooked it up to their truck and drove off in the night.

"I noticed before I pulled off 411, I said my trailer is gone," Wilcoxon explains.

"I've been a bit disheartened by it. It's a little bit, its dampened our spirits a little bit you know," says Dianne Poteet, a volunteer. "They didn't just take a trailer, they took other things away from a lot of people and they lessoned our ability to help other people."

Poteet says their budget and ability to fund raise will be affected for the next year but they're hoping someone in the area will see the trailer and let authorities know.

"You just have to say He never said it would be easy. He just said stay on the path," explains Wilcoxon.

The trailer has the words "Cleveland Express" written on the side of it. If you can help locate it contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office.