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Family worries unidentified remains are Dana Wilkes

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police are gathering as much information as they can on the body that was found in a wooded area Sunday. A forensic team is trying to identify the body, only saying that it's a woman.

They're asking for any tips from the public to help figure out how the body ended up near the banks of South Chickamauga Creek off Youngstown Road.

Our partners at the Chattanooga Times Free Press report that only partial remains were found.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office confirms they have started performing the autopsy on the woman's body that was found Sunday, but they're not commenting on the condition and say it will likely take more than a day to reveal the results.

Chattanooga Police responded to a report of possible remains Sunday morning. They soon found a woman's body, but don't know how it got there, when, or most importantly, who it is.

Although the victim is still unidentified, one family has a gut-wrenching suspicion on who it could be. Loved ones of 48-year-old Dana Wilkes have been looking for any sign of her since she went missing November 9. Her son found her car abandoned near Wilcox Tunnel.

Dana Wilkes' family has been posting updates on Facebook and say they've submitted a DNA sample to see if it's a match to the woman found in the woods.

They posted, "It is likely that this is Dana, but we will have to wait for the results to come back."

Tuesday, Dana's apartment sits unoccupied and quiet with a missing poster on her front door, as her family anxiously awaits news on the unidentified body from the medical examiner's office.


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