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Man found dead, home burned in Bradley County

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- A charred trailer stands where neighbors found Hairle Hayes dead on Thanksgiving Day.

Police say when they arrived to the home Hayes was in a pool of blood.

Roy Lepard went there last Thursday to take him a plate of food and couldn't believe what he saw.

"I don't' know, but I went around the trailer and looked and there he was. He was there," says Lepard.

Hayes was known around the neighborhood as "Bo" and friend, Larry Burger, Jr., says he spoke with Hayes days before he died.

He says his demeanor was much different than normal, and he kept saying someone might be after him.

"He was afraid people would hurt him. He was afraid people would break into his house and take his pills," Burger, Jr says.

Burger, Jr. says he went to check on Bo Thanksgiving Day, and that's when he saw Hayes' body on the ground.

Since the trailer burned Saturday neighbors are watching things a little more closely.

"It makes me mad," says Burger, Jr. "I mean, it makes me worry about my home. This is my family here and all these people. We have to worry about our places now."

Burger, Jr. believes someone attacked Bo, as he forewarned, but can't imagine who would do it.

Lepard says he hasn't been the same since losing one of his only friends.

"He would give you the shirt off his back. He was a real good person," he says.

"I look up there and he isn't there," says Lepard. "He is not coming down the driveway. He is not hollering at me. I just miss him."

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office will know more once an autopsy report is released Thursday.


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