CEDAR PARK, TX (KXAN) -- Meet John Storms.

Storms and his family have only lived in this home in their Cedar Park, TX subdivision for a few months, but even before he started unpacking all the moving boxes, he started unpacking the Christmas lights.

Nothing says "hello neighbors" like putting up more than 25,000 lights.

Still, Storms' neighbors don't mind, in fact they love the idea that they have their own Clark Griswold.

"He barely unpacked and first thing he started with was the lights," says one neighbor. "How do you compete with that?"

When Storms started this light show years ago, the electric bill would run into the hundreds even thousands of dollars for a show like this, but not anymore.

"All our lights we have are LED, so they just sip on electricity," Storms explains. "It'll only be $15 for the entire month of December."

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