CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Many local businesses got a major boost in sales Saturday all thanks to the national movement of 'Small Business Saturday.' If you happened to stop by Chattanooga's North Shore district, you saw the crowds.

This is the third year now for Small Business Saturday. Credit card company American Express started the national movement in an effort to support locally run businesses.

Owners will tell you, it doesn't just help them out. The community benefits as well.

The streets of North Shore saw plenty of foot traffic Saturday, as people ventured out to the shops and boutiques.

"A lot of foot traffic. A lot of people recognizing that it's Small Business Saturday," says N2Shoes employee Terri Ann Kelly.

Sandwiched between Black Friday and cyber Monday, 'Small Business Saturday' is a day North Shore business owners and workers look forward to.

At N2Shoes workers kept busy.

"I think Chattanooga has done a great job of opening new small businesses and the community's been very supportive and it means a lot to see all the people that have come out today, and really throughout the year," says Kelly.

"My father was a small businessman and I support it entirely," says shopper Norma Conklin.

For shoppers like Conklin, it's a chance to make sure main street thrives.

"For the local economy. All the money stays here. It's employing people who are here. And it's just a really good thing to do," she says.

"So much of the money then comes back to the community and it makes such a difference when they do spend their dollars here at locally owned businesses, because it just works full circle," says Sherra Lewis.

Lewis has owned and operated the 'Go Fish' store off Frazier for almost six years.

She says on top of finding unique treasures, the shop local movement is really about maintaining a sense of community.

"What you're really going to get, you will find some more unique pieces, but you will get the customer service that sometimes the big box stores just can not offer you," she says. "And if we don't have the item right here that you're looking for, we'll help you find it at one of the other local shops up and down the street."

"I think small businesses and local businesses is America. And supporting America is a good thing," says one shopper. 

Each year Small Business Saturday continues to grow.

Last year alone, American Express reports more than 100 million customers participated and spent their hard-earned cash at local businesses.

Small business owners tell us that nearly seventy cents of every dollar you spend with them stays here: as paychecks, taxes and services.