With a group as large (240) and talented as the Walker Valley High School Band is, you need a few directors to guide things in the right direction. Alan Hunt, Colby Burriss, and Donald Benton have built an amazing program. We caught their second field show after their last regular season home game and it was amazing.

The stands were full for the post-game performance to see the Mustang Band perform a show called "We Are Young," chocked full of pop music from today. "You gotta make it fun," said Donald Benton. "And, once they have fun, they'll buy into anything you say. These kids work their rear ends off and they're amazing kids."

It shows. The Mustang Band was Grand Champion at the Bradley competition and placed well at another competition in Georgia, but Benton said, that should not be the ultimate goal. "It's not about winning a trophy," he explained. "You can't take that with you when you leave. But, you can take the feeling of a crowd giving it up for you. So, that's what we preach."

Something for these great students to look forward to in the off season, they will be headed to London, England to march in the New Year's Parade. It is their fourth appearance across the pond. Congratulations to all of the students of the Walker Valley High School Mustang Band, our final EPB Fiber Optics band of the Week!