ETOWAH, TN. (WRCB) – An accused serial rapist is behind bars.

Investigators say he used online dating sites to choose his victims.

The three victims, from three different cities, have one thing in common: all had accounts with online dating sites.

Detectives say that is how an Etowah man met the three women he's accused of attacking.

Dustin Moser was out on bond in a rape case, when the third victim says he raped her.

Tuesday night, investigators are hoping to keep Moser behind bars, and warn other potential victims of the dangers of online dating.

"It really surprised me, you know, that he would do something like that," says Rod Gore.

Rod Gore lives two doors down from where Etowah Police say 26-year-old Dustin Moser raped a woman in the back seat of his SUV.

"She met him online," Detective Jim Shaw tells Channel 3. ""

Detective Jim Shaw says Moser connected with the 19-year-old woman from Benton on a dating website.

The two met in person last week.

The victim drove from Polk County to the Family Dollar in Etowah, where she met with Moser in the parking lot. From there, the two went back to his house.

The woman told police Moser insisted they stay in his car because his parents were sleeping.

She claims he choked her, forced her into the back seat, and assaulted her.

"She has a lot of red marks on her neck and also on her hands," says Detective Shaw.

A grand jury indicted Moser, and police took him into custody Wednesday night.

His arrest comes just five months after he was accused of raping two other women.

"He actually met a girl online from Monroe County," Shaw says. "She came down. The same thing happened. She alleged that she was raped by him. Then a month and a half later he met a girl from Atlanta online. She came up here and the same thing happened."

Shaw says Moser denied raping any of the women.

"He made the statement that he was dating her and he didn't rape her," says Shaw.

But Shaw says the physical evidence against Moser is strong.

Moser's bond has been set at $500,000. Shaw hopes it's enough to keep him behind bars.

"They say you're innocent until proven guilty, but with a pattern like this, I feel better that he's in custody," says Shaw.

Rob Gore agrees, but is eager to hear his neighbor's side of the story.

"A lot of young girls walk up and down these streets," Gore says. "You just don't want something like that in your neighborhood."

Sites like offer safety tips for online dating.

They suggest picking a public place to meet in person, arranging for your own transportation and letting a friend or family member know where you're going.

Detective Shaw says it's hard to know what you're going to get when using an online dating service.

He suggests avoiding them all together.