GRUNDY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Two men, Kurt Brewer and Troy Dent, face separate charges in separate cases. 

Assistant District Attorney Steven Strain will handle both cases and says Brewer's murder charge is all about money.  "At the prelim hearing there was testimony that Brewer demanded the victim pay him 25 dollars," he said.

Court records show Brewer shot a man in his legs and back in July after threatening him several times over the payment.  This happened while two others in the room watched.

Strain says it won't be open and shut case because evidence is still coming in. "In a homicide case it is never really closed in the case of the investigation. It is not unheard of that new information will come up and we have to follow up on that," he explained.

In the separate case, police say troy dent beat a 63-year-old man to death with a hammer in October.  Dent turned himself in to police a week ago.  A family member tells Channel 3 the hammer murder was a fight over land.

Dent faces second degree murder charges and Brewer faces a list of charges including first degree murder and reckless endangerment

Both are due in court November 30th.