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Black Friday Survival Guide - Apps for almost everything


CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Now that Black Friday is encroaching on Thanksgiving Day, expect both the marketing and competition to heat up.
Armed with your wits, some patience and a smartphone, you can work the stores and keep your sanity.
Most serious shoppers do their homework; slogging through the coupons in the newspaper Thanksgiving Day and strategically planning.
But you can work smarter instead of harder; there are apps for your smartphone that can help you find just that deal you're looking for, and most of them are free.

Here are some of the apps out there you might find helpful:

TGI Black Friday - Scans many web sales, allow searching and lists
Black Friday App - Gathers info from sale sites, stores with confirmation and "leaked" deals
Target - QR/barcode scanner to locate items in store and availability, store finder, list
- Barcode scanner, search store, push notifications for deals and specials, list
Sam's Club - Inventory check, shopping list, membership services
Amazon - Barcode scanner compares prices, using Amazon's vendors - Search and sort deals, add to loyalty cards
Best Buy - purchase via app, deals of the day push
Sears2go - Pre-purchase/pickup in store, store finder, PayPal purchase option
JCP - Check inventory, purchase and order
Kohl's - Store locator, pre-order, barcode scanner
Costco - Coupon access, list creation, upload photos, order items not in store
ToysRUs - Check inventory, scan QR codes, PayPal purchase option

And there are some apps that will help you in some other, non-shopping ways:

Find My Car - does exactly what the name says
WRCB Traffic - check traffic between shopping spots, plan routes
WRCB Radar- Make sure you stay warm and dry while scoring those Black Friday bargains

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