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Former Chattanooga officers to appeal firings

Former Chattanooga Police Officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley are trying to get their jobs back after being fired on grounds that they used excessive force.

Their attorney, Bryan Hoss, has filed a former Notice of Appeal with the Clerk of the Chattanooga City Council, requesting that both men be granted a hiring.

Police Chief Bobby Dodd fired Emmer and Cooley November 7, after an Internal Affairs investigation determined the officers overstepped their authority in the force they used to subdue and arrest Adam Tatum June 14.

Tatum was a federal inmate at the Residential Re-entry Center,  a 'halfway house' of sorts, that Chattanooga's division of the Salvation Army operates for the Bureau of Prisons. CPD investigators assert, and the BOP confirms, that the Center's surveillance video camera system captured the incident, and provided critical evidence against both Tatum and the officers.

Tatum's injuries required hospitalization.  He also pleaded guilty to a single charge of assault stemming from the incident, and is serving one day short of a year in the Silverdale Correctional Center.

Neither CPD or the BOP has made the video available for viewing. Per Chief Dodd, the investigation remains open, and Internal Affairs is trying to determine whether other officers will face discipline.

But Tatum and his attorney, Robin Flores, tell Channel 3 they're planning a federal lawsuit, alleging that Officers Emmer, Cooley and Chattanooga Police violated Tatum's Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable seizure.

They also will seek to have his plea deal tossed out, on grounds that police or prosecutors misrepresented what the surveillance tape showed, thus making Tatum's legal advice ineffective.

Tonight on Eyewitness News Live at 5: Tatum's first public words since the incident, the injuries he's suffered, and his version of what led to his confrontation with police.




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