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Vols fans react to Derek Dooley's firing

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- News of coach Dooley's firing spread quickly in every sports bar in Chattanooga, with many fans giving mixed reviews.

"I think he did a good job at UT as far as promoting the school. It all comes down to wins and losses in the SEC. You can't lose to Vanderbilt and keep a head coaching job at Tennessee. That's the bottom line," says Mark Conner.

Conner and his buddies say despite never beating a top 25 team, Dooley did what he could.

"I believe he did a really good job as far as taking care of his business there at the school. I think that he was very unfortunate stepping in to a really bad situation with Lane Kiffin leaving," says William White.

Other fans agree.

"He came in on a tailspin of a couple of bad situations. And I think that it was a hard a hill to climb up to start out with," says one fan.

Fans flooded the Channel 3 Facebook page with comments.

Stephen Harris says it's "About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  

Dillard Joe chimes in, "It's the team not the coach."

Mark Simpson says, "Credit to him for trying to bring some stability to the program. The stakes are just too high at this level for an on-the-job training program."

Derek Price adds, "He tried but did not succeed. No reason to hate him. Let's hope his replacement is able to do better."

"I'm just kind of glad. We've been losing nearly every game," says 10-year-old Haydn Pearson.

For Pearson, it's time to move on.

"I'm hoping for a better coach," he says.

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