MEIGS COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A Decatur, Tennessee woman says she's given up on getting any answers from a landscaper, she says, duped her out of thousands of dollars.

The woman contacted 3 On Your Side for help in the past, after she was left with a bunch of dead plants.  

Terry LeFoy's plants are still dead. She also says the man she hired, Brad Braswell, hasn't contacted her since our story aired.

He told LeFoy he would bring out an extension agent from UT to look at her yard. She says that never happened either.

Not much has changed in LeFoy's yard since 3 On Your Side's last visit near the end of September. "He said he would contact me. He didn't. I have received no phone calls. I have received no emails," says LeFoy.

LeFoy hired Brad Braswell, the owner of Chattanooga-based 'Homescapes,' to redo the front landscaping at a cost of $10,000. By the time she tacked on a sprinkler system, it jumped closer to $15,000.

Braswell gave her a computer drawing of what her front yard is supposed to look like. But now it's filled with weeds and dead and dying plants.

"With no contact from him, in my mind, there's no doubt that he's not going to give me a penny back. Because I asked him several times in person, give me half my money back. Around $7,500. I said I'm out of your life," says LeFoy.

We asked Braswell before over the phone if he was willing to give her a partial refund to which he answered, 'If we can't...I'm not even going to answer that until we find out what's going on.'"

We stopped by the listed business address for Homescapes. No one was there. We also tried reaching Braswell by phone.

"I don't beg anybody to do anything. He's had more than one opportunity, dozens of opportunities to make it right. He knows what he did here is wrong. He basically took my money and ran for it."

LeFoy says it's a learning lesson, saying she found out after the fact Braswell's company is not accredited with the BBB and has one unresolved complaint filed against it.

"Big lesson learned. Big lesson learned. Do more homework. If I had seen some of things that are online for the public to see, I would have backed out and said no," says LeFoy.

LeFoy says she plans on filing a complaint with the BBB. She says she was giving Braswell one more chance to bring that extension agent.

She says it's not worth the legal fees to take him to court.